About Brian

brian anderson photography



Originally from London, Brian Anderson has spent the last 20 years shooting in Los Angeles. Known for his iconically beautiful fashion, glamour and travel work, he’s possibly the only pro lensman in the business who’s never “Photoshopped’ or re-touched an image!

Throughout his career, he’s roamed the globe for international magazines and commercial clients, but still loves shooting L.A.’s sunlit settings the most: “Being British and raised in a rainy climate, I became almost obsessed with perfecting the use of ‘natural light’ in my photos. The effect can be soft and sensual, or dramatically bold, and never ceases to inspire.

“I’m lucky in that I’ve been quite successful doing what I love, so it’s not all about the money with me. I continue to work with the top model agencies and my shots are included in so many of their portfolios, I’ve lost count. I don’t believe in transforming a subject into someone else–I try to bring out the ‘true beauty’ and always enjoy working with everyone from aspiring newcomers to supermodels.